tune the rainbow

  • 在网上和头像不用脸的陌生人交往便像zuo梦,要么cheng真,要么幻灭

  • I feel despaired all the time.
    Sometimes sth. make me forget this feeling temporarily, and sometimes sth. brings it home to me...

  • I prefer to lonely free, rather than accomapanied constraint.

  • 在开始的时候,便已经结束了,这样才能在结束的时候开始。

  • Find the key of Space and Time,
    You can end the world,
    but no one can hold it for ever,
    What is the true color of the world,
    and how can we free ourselves completely...

  • 如果有一天世界毁灭了,回到我出生的地方,在那里你可以活下去。——Fay · TNW

  • Walk in the air,
    fly in the sea...