tune the rainbow

  • 幸福不过是时间和空间编织的幻象——TNW · Fay

  • Cheers, to the broken past, to the disillusionary future. —— Chris · TNW

  • 人活一世,无非便是观人,观世,观自己
  • Find the key of Space and Time,
    You can end the world,
    but no one can hold it for ever,
    What is the true color of the world,
    and how can we free ourselves completely...

  • Most survival were not the fittest but the fitter that under the control of the FATE.

    Most fittest were killed by the FATE before they out of control of the - 7'Blog -

  • 每个人Dou在寻找自己的阶梯,他要去金字塔顶,而我在星之迷宫——Fay·TNW