tune the rainbow

  • 每个人有自己独特的存在方式,也许有些你不可思议难以置信的东西在他人眼里却悉属平凡……

  • Wish the next present is my own universe

  • I am standing here, holding my bottle, waiting for someone who can find the butterfly of my soul.

  • 人生的荒唐在于,你一出生便注定要死,却还垂死挣扎了一辈子。—— Felix · TNW

  • I hope I will never feel hungry, cold, hurt, tired and lonely, I hope I will be stronger, strong enough to free myself

  • Fairy Mode set up

  • Alive is better than dead, win is better than lose, happy is better than sad: everyone thinks that is right, but nobody ask why...

    No matter u r rich or poor, winner or loser, hero or ...