• Dear All,

    Do you remember the first time we meet, on the corner of the maze, in a country little pub, or on the same carriage...

    Most of two people will only meet once all their lif...

  • 人生的荒唐在于,你一出生便注定要死,却还垂死挣扎了一辈子。—— Felix · TNW

  • 人世间,最多的遗憾便是不能做自己

  • I prefer to lonely free, rather than accomapanied constraint.

  • Feather of cloud

  • Find the key of Space and Time,
    You can end the world,
    but no one can hold it for ever,
    What is the true color of the world,
    and how can we free ourselves completely...

  • I hope I will never feel hungry, cold, hurt, tired and lonely, I hope I will be stronger, strong enough to free myself