Human is a kind of thing that you will dread it when you know more about it, so is the world

One day you will become human, live, feel the desires and resignations, joy, angry, sadness, fear, togetherness and parting, you may live and work hard with someone special, even forget the di ... Read more »


Color the sky

Reorder the seasons

Prove the world is real or ideal

Maybe the world inside a bline person is more colorful than ours

Someone is loved by many people

someone is loved by somebody

someone is loved by nobody


Someone is dead, and many people memorize him

someone is dead, ... Read more »



Sink in a massive old souls

I almost think i can be the only survivor...



The reason of ending the world is it can not give me what i want. —— Fay · TNW

I wish i were a magic, with power can change the color of sky, change the season; power can take me anywhere i want to go, power can heal any hurt and soothe the heart...

nth. last for ever

You've hold it ever but not for ever

finally you'll be hurt when you lose it



Alive is better than dead, win is better than lose, happy is better than sad: everyone thinks that is right, but nobody ask why...

No matter u r rich or poor, winner or loser, hero or ... Read more »


时间支配微观,空间支配宏观; 时间和空间相互依存; 微观和宏观相互影响。


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